Member Spotlight - Steve Hendrixson

Joel Stacey
April 2, 2024
Member Spotlight - Steve Hendrixson

I still remember the day Steve walked into the gym. I was working at the front counter when I saw a truck drive by, then park in front of our door. I thought they are just going over to Staples. Which happens quite often. This time was different in walks a man looking for someone to help him get better. Thus, the journey of Steve Hendrixson finding better health began. Steve explained to me that he had several health issues and had tried physical therapy, and personal training and felt like the needle was not moving. That he was not getting any better. So, I just told him that we could help him if he would just show up to class. He already had taken the hardest step walking in for the first time. Steve agreed, and started coming to class.

After Steve started coming to class I quickly learned the extent of some of his health issues. Steve suffered a spinal injury in 2019 and had surgery to repair the damage. This effects his ability to reach overhead. I should also mention, that first day he walked into the gym. He had trouble navigating the curb. I also learned he had stopped using the stairs in his own home. He also had trouble squatting to a bench.

So, I asked Steve why did you choose R & T CrossFit. He said, we are all neighbors, and remembers when this place was a tool rental business. His biggest fears when he first started were being in class and simply the unknown. So, I asked him what were you looking for in a gym. Steve states, he needed a place that understands physical needs and how to adjust them and push you to be better (this is CrossFit in his own words). Finally I asked him, what made you take the leap and sign up for a membership. He stated that he wanted a place that pursues fitness, he wanted to get better, he see the value we provide, likes being able to see our workouts ahead of time.

Fast forward to now. Steve reports we have helped him get better in all three facets, mind, body, and spirit. He now uses the stairs in his own home. Recently Steve also reported to me that he is no longer on blood pressure medication and his doctor says his blood pressure is perfect. Did I mention that Steve is also 69 years old! The achievements Steve has made have been spectacular. Simply by taking that first difficult step up onto our curb. Great job Steve and you are proof that CrossFit is for anyone. Keep up the great work!

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